Saturday, 17 March 2018

Crossing the Atlantic

I am back on solid ground! I’ve had a wonderful slow journey back to the UK on a cargo ship. To start off, I had a couple of days in Charleston, South Carolina, waiting for my boat – and saw this one from the marina – incredible size. 

When I did board the ship, I spent a good time just watching the process of loading and unloading the containers from my cabin window. Just like Jenga really!

The ship loading in front of us finished first, and got going…. It was amazing to see the tug boats – tiny by comparison-  spin the ship around so it was facing in the right direction – whilst the sun set over the river!

So – life on board  - as usual my best side was captured for the id badge!!

I was actually the only passenger on board so I got to choose my cabin. Here’s a quick peek inside – although I choose it because I knew I’d spent more time looking out the windows (this cabin had windows to the front and side) rather than what was inside the cabin.

The much anticipated onboard swimming pool looked like this….. lacking one essential element!

So I made do with the gym to keep fit

And walking up and down 4 flights of stairs for every meal (cooked by the French chef!)
And every day, at some point I went up to the Bridge to see what was going on (yes – still surrounded by ocean!) and take in the rainbows, and waves, and sunsets – none of which my photography skills do any justice to… but here’s my best attempts.

This first double rainbow was just behind us – it felt like we’d just sailed through it to arrive in Narnia! But then there were many more…

Yesterday, we came up the English Channel - very cool to see bits of the south Devon coast from a very different angle to normal!- with sun shining all the way - and we came into Southampton Port thismorning. Drove home in the snow!!!

 All in all I had a fantastic time! I’d recommend it to anyone!