Saturday, 16 December 2017

Study Week 2 - San Pedro La Laguna

 A second week of studying... getting inspired about ecovillages .... starting every day with a swim... reading serious books in a hammock.... dreaming for the future..... here´s a few pics

Study Week 1 - Tapachula

Last week I went to Tapachula for a holiday/ visa renewal / study week.
 I´ve been working on the first chapter of my MA dissertation, but needed to be away from work, and near a pool (!) in order to concentrate!! Here´s a few pictures..
 This was the last bit of readings and bringing it together to start writing the first chapter about intentional Christian communities.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Support-raising training -- and learning

Yesterday I taught a days workshop about raising personal support for missions. It was great to help others with what I´ve learnt  - as well as to be reminded of the support raising process as I´m in the stage of seeking a few new supporters (due to Brexit devaluation!)

Welcome back (briefly!!)

This weekend it was wonderful to welcome back Sadoc and Vivi -- who are Guatemalan /Mexican missionaries based in Scotland. They are here for a flying visit, including a family wedding - and it was lovely to catch up with them and begin to talk about their next steps. It´s always great to hear of what God is doing in their lives and through their service in Scotland. 

Restore prayer team visit

Last week, a group from Restore Community Church came to visit, to understand a bit more about my life and what I get up to here in Guatemala, and to pray for me. It was a great week. I felt very blessed by their prayers and their presence. I showed them a bit of Guatemala as well..... here´s some photos no particular order!
And if you want to see what it was think from their perspective.... check out Anne´s blog....

Thanks Anne, Mark, Ali, Jayne, Lavoga, Steve and Val!!

October comings and goings

October has been a full month of activities. I´ve had some visitors -- some planned, some last minute - but all fun!!

We have welcomed a couple of new Striders to Latin Link Guatemala -- and held our monthly prayer meeting in San Pedro La Laguna - where one of them is studying spanish...

I also welcomed Mayra to Guatemala for a few days as we met with Stefan, as the leadership team of Latin Link Guatemala Mexico, which was great to male progress on our plans here.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Core team in Spain

Last week, I was in Spain meeting with the Latin Link Core team. We meet about every 9 months or a year, and it´s always a good time together to focus on the development of Latin Link internationally.
We spend a lot of time praying for the teams, and talking, and planning, and eating swiss chocolates to keep us going! It´s a great privilege to work with these friends and colleagues!