Saturday, 19 August 2017

Summer Step team

It´s that time of year again - and I´ve had the pleasure of looking after a step team. This year they´re been working for a project in Guatemala City´s main bus terminal, where they´ve supported educational programmes for children. Lots of games, crafts, teaching, a trip to the pool, dramas, and a morning de-nitting the kids!! All great fun. But they´ve also seen some of the realities in which the kids live - many of them live within the market stalls their families run, and encounter the dangers of drugs, gangs, prostitution and violence every day. A boy went missing (and was later found). A young girl was run over by a car (but is doing well).

 At the weekends, I´ve been able to show the team some of the beautiful and historic places in Guatemala.
 A great photo opportunity on the way to Lake Atitlan.

 All of them proud of their certificates for having completed a Zipwire course overlooking the Lake.  And meeting with other Latin Link members too -- lots of conversations about calling, and mission and how God guides each step of our story.
It´s always lovely to 'debrief' the team, and hear what they have learnt, not only about Guatemala and the work, but also about themselves and how God has used the experience to speak to them. Some of the things mentioned this time.... a sense of calling to Latin America that she had not considered before.... another has been challenged about the way in which she uses her finances for God´s kingdom.... a clearer sense of self - or understanding who she is, having faced a number of challenges during the trip..... a great admiration for the project leaders who have such a passion for the kids they work with, that is never switched off at the end of a work-day.... more confidence in working with children or speaking spanish..... a greater awareness of the gifts God has given them, and looking for ways to grow and mature in them. 

It always really encourages me!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Introduction to Missions course

This week, we completed the introduction to missions course in Tecpan. 18 people completed the course, which included making an action plan for putting it into practice in their own churches or ministries. Here´s a few pictures. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Some recent visitors

 I´ve been busy recently with a full house of visitors.... here´s a few pics.

 It was wonderful to have the Downing family with me for their last few days in Guatemala. They´ve been wonderful members of our Latin Link team and great friends. We had a day out to visit a few places that they hadn´t managed to get to in their 6 years here.... the relief map and the national palace (although that was closed!)
 I also had a visit from Kayla.... who took all these great photos!
 And we celebrated a couple of birthdays whilst we were all together too. You can never have too many cakes!!

The Global Mission of God

This month I´ve been teaching a course for pastors and leaders, and thought I´d share a few photos with you. It´s an introduction to missions course in Tecpan.
The majority of the participants are church leaders in the same town, and some times the same church that they were born and brought up in, and many have never left Guatemala, so to talk about God´s mission and what he is doing around the world is completely new for most of them.

 Each week, we´ve had a time of prayer for the world, or for different groups. It´s been fantastic to involve Guatemalans who have served as missionaries in different countries, and who have shared their experiences.
 The course is following the Xplore booklet, that I was involved in translating and adapting a couple of years ago. Each class involves some Bible Study, discussion groups, activities and prayer.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

 A few pics from last weeks trip to Mexico. This is us - the leadership team of Latin Link GuateMex - on a visit to Cholula, near to Puebla. The town has over 200 catholic churches, and this one, built on top of a Pre-columbian pyramid.

 Some historic buildings in Coyoacatan (?)
And the Arts Theatre in Mexico City.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Team celebrations

It´s been a week of milestones for our team in Guatemala. Last weekend, I was able to celebrate with Geoff´s at his graduation. (sorry about the rubbish blurry photos)

 Then this weekend, I was able to be with Kate, as she was baptised in Lake Atitlan, whilst there for a staff retreat with her work placement.

Relaxing at Lake Atitlan

I´ve just had a great week´s holiday at Lake Atitlan - a few days enjoying San Pedro, which I often visit, and then my first visit to Santa Cruz La´s a few pics...

 The view from our bathroom.....